HeyPublisher Simple Terms

HeyPublisher provides free access to this website to writers and publishers. By using our website there are a couple of things you should be aware of, namely:

We use cookies

We use cookies primarily to store your user session so you don't have to login to. Every. Single. Page. We don't track you when you leave HeyPublisher.com.

We monitor the pages you access

We do this so that we can be kept informed of the pages that are being overloaded with traffic and to be alerted to those pages that are under-performing. Our goal is to have every page you access load in under 1 second. If you ever receive an error on our website you can trust that we also know about it and are actively working on resolving the issue.

We do not monitor the content you post

We do not actively monitor the content you upload for submission to the publishers listed on HeyPublisher. We do comply with all legal requests from law enforcement officials.

We own our content; You own your content

The HeyPublisher logo, taglines, and look and feel of this website are our property. Every work you upload for submission to a publisher is your property. Any logos or descriptions for publishers you find on this site are the property of those respective publishers.

We do our best, but sometimes things don't work out

We do our best to keep HeyPublisher up and running 24/7 but are unable to guarantee that events outside of our control won't occur. If your publication supports national security or emergency response endeavors, you may need a higher SLA than we can provide. We understand. Use your best judgement. This is a free service. We're happy you're here.

If you want to know more — or need some help sleeping at night — please feel free to read the more lengthy legalese version of these terms.